The Creative Doll Artists Project "April" Wonderland Challenge

The Creative Doll Artists Challenge for April was voted on and "Wonderland" was the clear winner! 

If you're a doll or toy creator, please come and join us! We're a great group full of talented artists of all levels. We also learn about growing your brand through social media, making real friendships and sharing our successes with each other. 

Names and artists website info will appear once you click on their photo. Be sure to check them all out!

6 Finalists: Please go and cast your vote here:
Voting takes place between May 15th-17th  

All other awesome submissions!

Thank you to everyone who participated. You all did such a fantastic job and it was fun seeing all your work come alive!

21 Wonderfully Weird Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

You might be on Instagram or you may not. But if you're not then what are you doing?! IG is such a great platform for artists to showcase their work and to be found by people all over the world! Not an artist? That's cool too. I bet you like art though! 

I originally starting writing up my 10 favorite artists on Instagram and then I couldn't chose between everyone! So what's better than 10? 21 artists who I love!  But let's get real, I truly love every single account I follow. Instagram is my happy place and my feed is a wonderful magical place filled with talented artists who inspire me everyday! If you know me and follow my work you know I love the weird, the beautiful & kinda goofy artists. Because after all, I pretty much consider myself a little odd at times. 

So here are 21 artists accounts you should be following on Instagram!
These are in no particular order:

#1 Hillzart

I fell in love with her work a long time ago. I've never seen the process of wood burning before and instantly loved her weird unique characters. If they weren't cool enough with just the wood burning they're even cooler painted! I mean, who dosen't love a good monster buttcrack licking?


#2 SteveFerrera

I first discovered Steve Ferrea's work when they were creating the short film Cicada Princess. I've weirdly loved cicadas my entire life and it was one of those moments where the process of their film popped up into my Facebook feed and I stopped everything I was doing and went through Steve's entire gallery of work. I love when those magical moments happen. I absolutely had a #nerdgasm when he followed me on Instagram. I screened shot it and shared it on Facebook. Told you, I'm a nerd!

#3 RayCaesar1111

Ray Caesar is my #1 favorite artist of all time. I've been drawn to his creepy, beautiful victorian paintings for as long as I can remember. What's even more fascinating is how he grew up and what he's inspired by. I encourage you to take a moment and read his bio. He has commented on my work through Instagram and it's made my day, he even went as far as to send me best wishes when reading about my brain surgery. My life was made that day.

#4 Hanjipandesigns

I instantly fell in love with these derpy stuffed animals! They are the cutest freaking things I've ever seen! Her little dudes sell out instantly (I know cause I can't seem to ever snag one.) I've since become friends with Hannah as she's now apart of "The Creative Doll Artists Project" that I run for doll artists & toy makers on social media! Her work is truly the coolest!

#5 Darktownsally

If you're into melancholic witchery, Dark Town Sally paints the most hauntingly beautiful art pieces.  I own several of her pieces and I treasure dearly. I look forward to every new piece she's working on and what I love most about her is she prices her work so that you get to chose what you can bring home. I love when artists give you a big variety of price points, even on her origionals too.


#6 Jodee_Knowles

I'm drawn to the way she paints her eyes! They are so full of expression and life and her work is so unique. She's painted many badass murals you can checkout through her account. One day I'd love to commission her to paint on one of my walls. Now where to find a wall?

#7 Jim Mckenzie

I basically just want to put Jim in my pocket and take him home with me. He's a brilliant, goofball, weirdo artist who I just want to make out with. It's O.K everybody knows it. The imagination that flows throughs him is beyond inspiring, I always look forward to what he comes up with next.  He was one of those #nerdgasm moments too.

#8 YoCopio

Absolutely one of my favorite accounts. Every abstract piece is weird and fantastic! I can't mention his work without mentioning his young daughters paintings, talent seriously runs in this family! I do own a couple original pieces he's painted but I need a full wall of Copios!

#9 ScottRadkeArt

It's like the Labyrinth meets Tim Burton. Maybe I'm way off but that's how Scott's work makes me feel. I want to go to that magical land where every creatures live and learn more about them. They are unlink any characters I've seen before and it's magical.

#10 GlitterPriest

Brandon Lee's work is so rad! Besides playing in the band Miniature Tigers, he's actually a good friend of my good friends. Ha! I did just go there. I'm not just sharing his work because of that or to be nice. I straight up LOVE this art work! Some serious talent all around and we need to be best friends and make weird art together.

#11 Mannylemusfx

Ugg Manny's special FX work blows my MIND! I'm the biggest Twilight Zone fan and when I came across his work I immediately dropped everything I was doing and went through his entire catalog of work. Once you find one artist you love you start looking through who they work with. His circle of SFX artists are so talented. You ask yourself is that real or not? I want to learn everything they do!

#12 Valency

Valency is one of my favorite creature creators! If you love animals that were never harmed in the making, then you need to look into her creatures! I could pretty much have these guys hanging in my studio forever. The entire wall full!

#13 NatileShau

I've been a huge fan of Natile's work for almost a decade. Her photography blows my mind while her visions are mesmerizing. Not one photo looks like another. Her work is hauntingly beautiful and one day I want to be her model. One can wish!

#14 BrandonBoyd

Besides being one of my favorite singers in a band called Incubus, what you may not know is he's a talented artist. I've been attracted to his style for as long as I can remember. I even own his art books "White Fluffy Clouds" & "From The Murks From The Sultry Abyss." I'm drawn to line work and his is incredible.

#15 Poupeemecanique

If you love Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDS), you will love this account. He creates incredible life size dolls. When you take a closer look you will notice all the tedious details through the body, hands and feet. They are some of the best works I've seen.

#16 MabGraves

I recently discovered Mabs work & she is the cutest ever.  I love that she isn't afraid to let people into her life no matter the struggle she's going through. Making sure people don't feel alone in their journey. Every year in the month of October, she puts on her Drawlloween daily challenge! Last year I participated and not only was discovered by so many new people but I discovrered tons of incredible artists who also participated. She's all about promoting other artists, making people smile and bringing awareness to peoples lives.

#17 DoubleParlor

Probably one of my favorite toy designers! Their characters totally remind me of my favorite video game, Katamari Damacy  only a darker version of it. I know, nerd alert! They also show a lot of their molding process on their account and behind the scenes. Super cool!

#18 JasonLimone

Jason's work is so weird I freaking love it! If you're like me you then you love any artwork with skulls and cyclopses. He paints a bunch of that. So check him out.

#19 Erica_Borghstijn

I fell in love with Erica's Ball Jointed Dolls because they're so unique. She hand sculpts each piece and will sometimes sculpt and carve additional designs onto them. They are truly beautiful!

#20 RonitBaranga

If you're familiar with my background then you know I was a professional, recently retired reborn artist who created creepy vampires & zombies. That's why I'm sooooooo drawn to this artists work. She pushes the boundaries in such a beautiful way, these dolls aren't reborn dolls. They are hand sculpted each and every time.

#21 OddDollsShoppe

Odd Dolls Shoppe has been a favorite of mine for a while!  I can't ever tell if they're judging me or smirking because they know that you know that they know you can't help but look at their bits and pieces. They feel like long lost cousins to the Oddlys that are made out of my shop here. I think maybe it's time to bring one home so they can play. We just won't tell them how to play Doctor. ;)

Well that's it! Some of my favorite wonderfully weird artists on Instagram! Please take a moment and click on each of their photos and it will take you to their accounts so you can follow them. If you do, please let them know I sent you there in the comments of their photos! 

And if you're down with the weird, please follow my account too and leave me a comment! Tell me your deepest darkest secret. ;) 
Click here to visit. 

Who are your favorite artists? Did you find anyone new? or do we share some of the same favorites? I'd love discovering new artists so please leave your favorite wonderfully weird artists in the comments below!


The Creative Doll Artists Project "March" Circus Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #tcdapMARCH challenge we held on Instagram & Facebook. I pick a few different themes and let our members vote on what theme they would like best. This month was voted and the clear winner was "Carnival/Circus!"  All entrees were submitted through our private Facebook group "The Creative Doll Artists Project." Participants could submit up to 3 pieces if they wanted. We have some fantastic pieces that were entered from artists all around the World. 

If you're a doll or toy creator, please come and join us! We're a great group full of talented artists of all levels. We also learn about growing your brand through social media, making real friendships and sharing our successes with each other. 

Names and artists website info will appear once you click on their photo. Be sure to check them all out!

6 Finalists: Please go and cast your vote here:
Voting takes place between April 8th-10th  

All other awesome submissions!

Thank you to everyone who participated. You all did such a fantastic job and it was fun seeing all your work come alive!

tcdapapril cwonderland challenge

Art Resin Abstract 2 Layer Painting Tutorial

My Vision for this Tutorial:

This process is one way you can test our your resin abstract art pieces. It's a two step process. I chose to use bight colors so you can visually see the process better while I painted using the product called Art Resin. Once I came across this product I knew I had to test it out. As a brain tumor survivor and an artist, I basically got rid of and abandoned most of my products that were high in toxins. Which is a ton! When I found out that Art Resin was a product I could use (Non -flammable, No fumes, No VOCs & low in odor)  I was so excited about it! I've been using their product, testing it out, learning how it works, brain storming for almost a year now. I highly recommend it! Here is how I created the piece shown in the video above.

I'm happy to share some knowledge with you! Just remember, never copy an artists work, that's no fun, I bet you will make some awesome art of your own!

 If you're brand new, I recommend buying the 32oz  "starter kit." You can test out tons of pieces and if you love it (you will) then buy a bigger size!

If you're brand new, I recommend buying the 32oz  "starter kit." You can test out tons of pieces and if you love it (you will) then buy a bigger size!

What you can use:

It's important to remember you can pretty much do whatever you want. For this piece I'm using an up-cycled piece of art made from wood that I've painted and primed. I'm pouring resin inside of the box instead of turing it over and have resin pouring over the frame and dripping off. All the resin will stay inside of this piece. I like doing both and mixing it up! So if you're new at this, I recommend getting some small pieces,  testing it out to see what you like the best.

 I love my Art Resin, can't you tell? ;) 

I love my Art Resin, can't you tell? ;) 

Before You Start:

Set up shop. Double check you have all your materials on your table.

  • Lay your trash bag or drop cloth down.
  • Find a big enough box to cover your piece. Do this before you start so you're not trying to figure that out after you're done painting.
  • Set up your piece on your painters pyramids and take place your level on each side of your piece to make sure everything is level and ready to pour. 
  • Make sure the wooden box or canvas is as clean as possible. Get out any dust! 
  • If you're planning on hanging your piece. I recommend drilling in the hardware now. You don't need to add the wire just yet. Just get the screws and the part you will put the wire through secured in place. Why? Because if you wait until your piece has fully cured and you decide to drill it in after, you might raise/lift up the resin. I've had this happen before and it's a bummer! There is no way to fix it unless you get creative and pour more resin over it. It's not the end of the world if that happens, probably a happy accident! You can cover it up, add more resin or whatever and no one will ever know. ;) 

How To Mix Your Resin:

Art Resin is super easy to mix. It's a 1:1 ratio. 50% hardener to 50% resin. Measure out how much you think you need. Resin does go a long way so you won't be using an entire bottle for a small piece like this one. I used about 15% of one bottle.  Pour your resin into a plastic bucket or cup depending how much you are using. Once mixed together you need to stir it for 5 minuets. And then once you think you're done stirring, do it for a few more minuets! The pot will stay good for about 45 minuets. I like to work fast though. Depending on the temperature inside your room, that can effect your pot life. 

Adding Paint To Your Resin:

I recommend mixing your resin when it's clear and then separating it into new cups. In those new cups add the desired paint and stir it in. Different brands/types of acrylic paint will be light or heavy in the resin. You will know what I'm talking about once you do your own trial and errors. For this piece I'm just using a cheaper acrylic paint brands, like Folk Art or Anitas. I also like to use Golden Fluid acrylics  those are more expensive but amazing. They work wonderfully and each brand will give you a different effect.. Just add 1 or 2 drops until you get the desired colors and stir well.

You can see in my video that once I poured all my resin I grabbed my Alcohol inks. I do not add resin to my inks in this project. I just drop the ink right on top of it! I add a few layers of different colors. The brand I'm using here is called Adirondack Brights Alcohol Inks. I bought them from Hobby Lobby. They last forever!  

Pop Bubbles:

Pop zaBUBBLES! This is my favorite part. FIRE! Take your blow torch and gently run it over your piece. You will see bubbles pop to get a nice clean and smooth, glass like finish. I babysit my piece for a good 30-60 minuets because sometimes bubbles can pop up again. Same as dust. So babysit that piece, yo! 

Cover Your Piece

Get that box and put it over your piece! Make sure the dust is also out of your box. I like to take the vacuum and make sure it's a clean box. No hair, dust or lint. Your piece should be tacky in about 6 hours and by 12 hours you can touch it. Let fully dry 24-72 hours before adding anymore work. 

 Here is the finished product before I drew ontop of it with markers.

Here is the finished product before I drew ontop of it with markers.

Drawing On Resin

A big part of my style is drawing on my resin. It's what I feel like sets me apart. However you can do any designs on your resin. After your resin is fully cured (meaning if you stick your finger nail into the resin you won't see an indent.) You can use all types of paint pens, markers, crayons and permeant markers. Again, you will have to play around with it. It took me a good 3 or so months to get it down to where I was happy with it.  Trial and error is a HUGE part of learning this art. But guess what? It's totally fun while you learn. 

Pour Resin 2nd Layer

Once your 1st layer has fully cured it's time to pour your 2nd layer. For this piece I'm just adding a layer of clear resin. I've already drawn my swirly whirlys and let that dry overnight. Pouring on the 2nd layer is pretty easy. Mix it up, pour it on, babysit if for about 30-60 minuets, cover and let cure. 

All Done! The End Result:

Here is the finished result! It's a fun and funky piece, that is for sure. But I love how it turned out. Now that it's ready I can add my wire to the back so that it's ready for hanging. I like to also see if I need to touch up the wood box with paint etc. Always remember that your work will always be perfectly imperfect. It's handmade not factory made! Remember if you go to they have TONS of tutorials. Be sure to go check them out. 

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! Please comment & share this tutorial if you think this will help someone. 
XO! See you next time!