I'm 27 Weeks Pregnant… Am I Having A Stroke? Part 1

On June 24th, 2015 at 30 weeks pregnant I woke up just like any other day. Pregnant, uncomfortable & hot. It didn’t matter what temperature I had the air conditioning set to, nothing was cold enough for me.

That morning I had just sold a doll that I had listed on eBay to a wonderful woman in Spain. She had asked that it be shipped via UPS instead of using the United States post office (USPS). She explained she’s had issues with USPS and UPS would be a safer route for her. She was happy to pay any extra charges that would occur. You see, a package being shipped via the United States Post Office would have cost about $80 for Express International, taking about 3-5 days for delivery. Having this particular package being shipped via UPS cost my client about $250 plus any taxes and duties upon delivery for the around the same time frame. That’s a big price jump. Which is generally why when shipping International, we always use USPS. However, I was happy to do so and she happily paid the new shipping amount.

Being that I sell art dolls online as a hobby, I print all of my postage labels from online too. Companies like eBay, PayPal, USPS, Etsy etc give you a small discount on your postage amount paid as long as you pay and print labels online. I’d rather do that anyways because who really wants to go stand inline at the post office. Ah hell nah, not me!

When I packaged up the doll I was in a hurry because I wanted to get this doll on the UPS truck by the 3 o’clock pick up time. I had already weighed the box, measured it when giving the UPS shipping quote to my client so all I had to do was enter information on PayPals website. It generally take about 2 minuets to put in that info, have a label printed and taped on a box. It kept saying I had some sort of error and would not print! No matter how many times I tried, it kept saying error. ARG! So I picked up the phone and proceeded to call PayPal. No big deal, I’ve called them many times in the past and they are usually always helpful. Here’s how PayPal, UPS and eBay broke my brain:

Ring Ring

PayPal person #1 I could barely understand their English. After I explained many, many times my problem they ended up hanging up on me. Wonderful I thought. I called back…..

Ring Ring

PayPal person #2 said “It looks like there is a problem with my accounts connection with UPS and I should give them a call and see what they can do.”

O.K sure, no problem…… Ring Ring

UPS person #1 said “Everything looks fine on their end but I should call PayPal back and see what they can do.”

O.K kinda annoying but sure…… Ring Ring

PayPal person #3 said “Lets try to disconnect and then reconnect your UPS account to PayPals account and that should do it.” It didn’t work. They suggested perhaps I call eBay.

O.K OMG…. Ring Ring

eBay person #1 said “No, it’s got to be a problem on PayPals end you should call them and see what they can do.”


O.K OMG…This is ridiculous! WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PRINT A SHIPPING LABEL?!? …..Ring Ring

PayPal person #4 said “Wow, sounds like you have been given the runaround. Let’s see what we can do.”

Ah..Finally, looks like maybe, just MAYBE I’ll get this to work. This dude sounded like he knew what he was talking about. It was still early morning so I had lots of time to figure this out before I had to get to UPS and hand over this package before 3 o’clock. The guy on the phone whose name I don’t remember, so we will just call him PayPal Guy #4. He was super nice and didn’t make me feel like he wanted me off the phone. He also didn’t just shut me down and tell me to call a different company. I finally didn’t want to chuck my cell phone across the room. Hallelujah!


Not getting anywhere, I said let me switch to my husbands computer, maybe it will work this way. (Duh, I should have tried this from the get go, but you know, pregnancy brain.) He had me log out of my account, re-set my cookies he asked me to log back in. I sat down and started to type on his keyboard. My husbands Mac keyboard was not like my flat Mac laptop keyboard. The buttons are raised up. As I started to type I kept incorrectly putting in my e-mail address. I thought that was weird. I don’t generally have to look when I’m typing so I looked down to try to re-enter in my email address. When I tried to enter in the letter “D” for instance, my finger went to the letter “F”. Hmm, that’s weird. Halfway through my e-mail address and a couple attempts that were unsuccessful I asked PayPal Guy #4 to hold on a second.

I turned around and asked my husband “Is this keyboard new?” Without saying a word his face expressions bsaically said “What?” In my mind I thought “Hmm, that’s weird, it looks new, I’ve never seen this before I don’t think.” I told PayPal Guy #4 sorry for the delay and proceeded to use 1 finger to type in my e-mail address and password. Whew, finally. NAILED IT on the 5th or 6th try. Weird!

“O.K, I am finally logged in!”

PayPal Guy #4: “Great! Let’s go back to that one page and now can you read what it says at the very top of the page?”

What I was supposed to read I don’t really remember. It was something like “To change your shipping preference please choose which carrier you would like as your default?” What came out of my mouth was “To change your shipping police plooze choice which carrier you would lafe as your default?”

What did I just say? Weird.

I guess the PayPal dude understood what I just said because he just kept talking about what to do next. I whispered to my husband to take over my phone call because I started to feel weird. I told PayPal Guy #4 that my husband would take over and I’d be back shortly. As my husband got on the phone he did his best to continue but he really wasn’t involved with any of our conversation and didn’t understand why I had him take over. I had already been on the phone trying to figure this all out for over an hour, I didn’t want to hang up now! As he continued on with his conversation I was sitting behind him walking him though where to find different links and such. Whatever words I was saying to him kept getting jumbled. It was so subtle that he didn’t question what I said, it seemed only I noticed it.

A moment later he said “I really am not sure what I’m doing here, can you get back on the phone? I’m sorry. Are you OK? Do you think you might be having a medical emergency?” I nodded no and hopped back on the phone. I WAS GOING TO GET THIS FIGURED OUT! I apologized to PayPal Guy #4 while laughing that I was pregnant and lets continue. A moment later he said he had walked me though as far as he could go and that he was transferring me to a different department that could finish and fix our problem. I said thanks for all your help and waited for the next person to talk to….

OK feeling kinda weird again, what just happened with my words? I’m determined to fix this issue… Ring Ring

A moment later a very nice girl answered the phone and started to help me. As I started re-telling my shipping issue for the millionth time and answering her questions I became really, really tired. I told her I’d have to call her back. Not so determined to fix this stupid shipping issue anymore I just hung up as she was still talking. SOWWY!

I then turned to my husband and said “Alright, something isn’t right.”  In that moment I remembered seeing a clip on the news of this reporter who had a stroke while on air. Her words became jumbled not making any sense. I don’t know WHY that popped into my head, I watch the news almost daily. Why would I remember a story from years back? What happened to her in the video below was what just happened to me. Only I would switch out one or 2 words and it was only for a handful of sentences. Was I having a stroke too?

My concerned husband told me to go sit down and I then started to see stars. He walked out the room for a moment not knowing I was seeing sparkly dots all over the room and when he came back in told me to go lay down in our room. He thought I was stressed out over the last hour and I needed to chill. He was right, I’m usually a very easy going gal. I rarely get worked up over things. I said I didn’t want to go in there by myself and he started to follow right behind me. Stars disappeared and as I sat down my right hand started to go numb and felt a little warm too. It slowly started to spread up my forearm up to my shoulder. I told him that perhaps we should call an ambulance because now I really knew something was wrong! I went down stairs and waited on the couch for the ambulance to arrive.

To be continued…