21 Wonderfully Weird Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

You might be on Instagram or you may not. But if you're not then what are you doing?! IG is such a great platform for artists to showcase their work and to be found by people all over the world! Not an artist? That's cool too. I bet you like art though! 

I originally starting writing up my 10 favorite artists on Instagram and then I couldn't chose between everyone! So what's better than 10? 21 artists who I love!  But let's get real, I truly love every single account I follow. Instagram is my happy place and my feed is a wonderful magical place filled with talented artists who inspire me everyday! If you know me and follow my work you know I love the weird, the beautiful & kinda goofy artists. Because after all, I pretty much consider myself a little odd at times. 

So here are 21 artists accounts you should be following on Instagram!
These are in no particular order:

#1 Hillzart

I fell in love with her work a long time ago. I've never seen the process of wood burning before and instantly loved her weird unique characters. If they weren't cool enough with just the wood burning they're even cooler painted! I mean, who dosen't love a good monster buttcrack licking? 



#2 SteveFerrera

I first discovered Steve Ferrea's work when they were creating the short film Cicada Princess. I've weirdly loved cicadas my entire life and it was one of those moments where the process of their film popped up into my Facebook feed and I stopped everything I was doing and went through Steve's entire gallery of work. I love when those magical moments happen. I absolutely had a #nerdgasm when he followed me on Instagram. I screened shot it and shared it on Facebook. Told you, I'm a nerd! 


#3 RayCaesar1111

Ray Caesar is my #1 favorite artist of all time. I've been drawn to his creepy, beautiful victorian paintings for as long as I can remember. What's even more fascinating is how he grew up and what he's inspired by. I encourage you to take a moment and read his bio. He has commented on my work through Instagram and it's made my day, he even went as far as to send me best wishes when reading about my brain surgery. My life was made that day. 


#4 Hanjipandesigns

I instantly fell in love with these derpy stuffed animals! They are the cutest freaking things I've ever seen! Her little dudes sell out instantly (I know cause I can't seem to ever snag one.) I've since become friends with Hannah as she's now apart of "The Creative Doll Artists Project" that I run for doll artists & toy makers on social media! Her work is truly the coolest!


#5 Darktownsally

If you're into melancholic witchery, Dark Town Sally paints the most hauntingly beautiful art pieces.  I own several of her pieces and I treasure dearly. I look forward to every new piece she's working on and what I love most about her is she prices her work so that you get to chose what you can bring home. I love when artists give you a big variety of price points, even on her origionals too. 



#6 Jodee_Knowles

I'm drawn to the way she paints her eyes! They are so full of expression and life and her work is so unique. She's painted many badass murals you can checkout through her account. One day I'd love to commission her to paint on one of my walls. Now where to find a wall? 


#7 Jim Mckenzie

I basically just want to put Jim in my pocket and take him home with me. He's a brilliant, goofball, weirdo artist who I just want to make out with. It's O.K everybody knows it. The imagination that flows throughs him is beyond inspiring, I always look forward to what he comes up with next.  He was one of those #nerdgasm moments too. 


#8 YoCopio

Absolutely one of my favorite accounts. Every abstract piece is weird and fantastic! I can't mention his work without mentioning his young daughters paintings, talent seriously runs in this family! I do own a couple original pieces he's painted but I need a full wall of Copios! 


#9 ScottRadkeArt

It's like the Labyrinth meets Tim Burton. Maybe I'm way off but that's how Scott's work makes me feel. I want to go to that magical land where every creatures live and learn more about them. They are unlink any characters I've seen before and it's magical. 


#10 GlitterPriest

Brandon Lee's work is so rad! Besides playing in the band Miniature Tigers, he's actually a good friend of my good friends. Ha! I did just go there. I'm not just sharing his work because of that or to be nice. I straight up LOVE this art work! Some serious talent all around and we need to be best friends and make weird art together. 


#11 Mannylemusfx

Ugg Manny's special FX work blows my MIND! I'm the biggest Twilight Zone fan and when I came across his work I immediately dropped everything I was doing and went through his entire catalog of work. Once you find one artist you love you start looking through who they work with. His circle of SFX artists are so talented. You ask yourself is that real or not? I want to learn everything they do!


#12 Valency

Valency is one of my favorite creature creators! If you love animals that were never harmed in the making, then you need to look into her creatures! I could pretty much have these guys hanging in my studio forever. The entire wall full!


#13 NatileShau

I've been a huge fan of Natile's work for almost a decade. Her photography blows my mind while her visions are mesmerizing. Not one photo looks like another. Her work is hauntingly beautiful and one day I want to be her model. One can wish!


#14 BrandonBoyd

Besides being one of my favorite singers in a band called Incubus, what you may not know is he's a talented artist. I've been attracted to his style for as long as I can remember. I even own his art books "White Fluffy Clouds" & "From The Murks From The Sultry Abyss." I'm drawn to line work and his is incredible. 


#15 Poupeemecanique

If you love Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDS), you will love this account. He creates incredible life size dolls. When you take a closer look you will notice all the tedious details through the body, hands and feet. They are some of the best works I've seen.  


#16 MabGraves

I recently discovered Mabs work & she is the cutest ever.  I love that she isn't afraid to let people into her life no matter the struggle she's going through. Making sure people don't feel alone in their journey. Every year in the month of October, she puts on her Drawlloween daily challenge! Last year I participated and not only was discovered by so many new people but I discovrered tons of incredible artists who also participated. She's all about promoting other artists, making people smile and bringing awareness to peoples lives.  


#17 DoubleParlor

Probably one of my favorite toy designers! Their characters totally remind me of my favorite video game, Katamari Damacy  only a darker version of it. I know, nerd alert! They also show a lot of their molding process on their account and behind the scenes. Super cool! 


#18 JasonLimone

Jason's work is so weird I freaking love it! If you're like me you then you love any artwork with skulls and cyclopses. He paints a bunch of that. So check him out. 


#19 Erica_Borghstijn

I fell in love with Erica's Ball Jointed Dolls because they're so unique. She hand sculpts each piece and will sometimes sculpt and carve additional designs onto them. They are truly beautiful!


#20 RonitBaranga

If you're familiar with my background then you know I was a professional, recently retired reborn artist who created creepy vampires & zombies. That's why I'm sooooooo drawn to this artists work. She pushes the boundaries in such a beautiful way, these dolls aren't reborn dolls. They are hand sculpted each and every time. 


#21 OddDollsShoppe

Odd Dolls Shoppe has been a favorite of mine for a while!  I can't ever tell if they're judging me or smirking because they know that you know that they know you can't help but look at their bits and pieces. They feel like long lost cousins to the Oddlys that are made out of my shop here. I think maybe it's time to bring one home so they can play. We just won't tell them how to play Doctor. ;) 


Well that's it! Some of my favorite wonderfully weird artists on Instagram! Please take a moment and click on each of their photos and it will take you to their accounts so you can follow them. If you do, please let them know I sent you there in the comments of their photos! 

And if you're down with the weird, please follow my account too and leave me a comment! Tell me your deepest darkest secret. ;) 
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Who are your favorite artists? Did you find anyone new? or do we share some of the same favorites? I'd love discovering new artists so please leave your favorite wonderfully weird artists in the comments below!