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Bitter-Bug isn't going to take any of your crap. She doesn't care about the new fancy foods you can cook using your new deep fryer. Just throw some waffles into your toaster and give it to her already! She will stare you down until she's fed or else she's going to scare you in the middle of the night and make you pee in your bed! ((watch out for this one...yikes)) ^_^


►Beautifully painted with special blend of acrylics and given a crackled aged appearance.
►Eyes have been glossed over to give the look of moisture.
►She has a plush body. Her fabric body has been filled with soft poly fill
►She cannot sit on her own and it's best to prop her up against something.
►Measures aprox 5.5 inches from her head to the bottom of her feet

My small size Oddlys are really popular with the Blythe and BJD community!

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