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We are a fast growing movement for anyone passionate about growing as an artist, and taking ownership of their Health, and their Finances.

As an artist I was struggling to find fulfillment. I wasn’t getting to the level I wanted because I was limited. Limited by funds. Limited by time and energy. Limited by a cre·a·tiv·i·ty sucking day job. And it was obvious many of my friends were having the same issues.

It wasn’t until I personally had a major health challenge that everything really became clear, I need to get creative, and I needed to find a better way.  Well I’ve found a better way!

By making some changes, taking better care of myself, and in the process using my art to create curiosity, I am building a life by my design. And I’m helping others do the same.

I’d love to show you how we’re using that interest as a fun, supportive community to grow your personal brand, maybe make a few more bucks, and for those who take full advantage, to actually grow a secondary income. So If you need some help filling in some of the gaps in your life, be it in your health, your friendships, or your finances, we deserve to meet.

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